I can help you customize your Endless Vacation Lifestyle

Whether you need help organizing the resources you already have to maximize their value towards your dream lifestyle, or you are starting from scratch, I am committed to helping everyone who wants to lead a lifestyle of travel and freedom create the lifestyle of their dreams.

The road to planning your Endless Vacation Lifestyle starts with a Self Assessment. I can help you achieve the outcome you are looking for through these three steps.

Define Your Vision

Take Inventory

Take Action

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Define Your Vision

Defining your vision for endless travel can be an exciting process. This is the phase where you get to dream, consider your needs, and start to outline the specifics of how your travel lifestyle might look. Here's a detailed outline to guide you:

Personal Considerations:

Lifestyle Preferences:How often do you want to travel versus staying put?What types of places do you enjoy most: urban cities, rural towns, mountains, beaches, etc.?What kind of travel experiences do you desire: slow-paced relaxation, cultural immersion, thrill-seeking adventures, etc.?Do you want to stay in a single location for extended periods or constantly move from place to place?

Home Base Considerations:Do you want to maintain a home base, or are you looking to become completely nomadic?If maintaining a home base, how often do you want to return?What are the family, holiday, and life events for which you would return home?1.3. Healthcare Needs:

How frequently do you need to see your regular doctors?

Is your health condition something that can be managed remotely or with different doctors worldwide?

Do you have a plan for emergencies or unexpected health issues while abroad?

Travel Considerations:

Destination Preferences:
Which countries or regions do you want to explore?
Are there specific sites or experiences you want to ensure you don't miss?
What is your preference for climate, culture, cuisine, etc.?

Duration of Stay:
How long do you intend to stay in each location?
Are there visa restrictions or other legal considerations that might affect this?
How long do you expect to live the nomad life?
Are there seasons or events in certain locations that will dictate your stay?

Mode of Travel:

How do you plan to travel from place to place: flying, driving, sailing, etc.?

Do you have budget constraints that will influence your mode of travel?

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Are there ecological considerations you want to take into account regarding your mode of travel?

Financial Considerations:

What is your budget for endless travel?
How will you ensure you can sustain your travels financially?
Have you considered the cost of living in the places you want to visit?
What are your plans for income while on the road?

Do you have appropriate travel and health insurance for your needs?
Have you considered insurance for flight cancellations, lost baggage, or other potential travel disruptions?

Do you have a plan for accessing money internationally without incurring large fees?
Are you aware of the exchange rates and how it can affect your budget?
Have you considered how to manage your taxes while abroad?

By considering these points, you'll be well on your way to crafting a vision for your endless travel adventure that is attuned to your needs, desires, and practical realities.

Take Inventory

Taking inventory of your assets is a crucial step to determining what you already have that can be used to support your endless travel lifestyle. It involves considering tangible assets, financial resources, personal connections, memberships, and more. Here's a structured outline to help you compile your inventory:

Real Estate:
Do you own a home or property that could be rented out for income while you're traveling?
Do you have timeshares or vacation properties that you want to incorporate into your travel plans?
Do you have properties that could be sold to finance your travels?

Do you own a vehicle that could be used for travel (e.g., a campervan or RV)?
Can your vehicle be rented or sold when not in use?

Financial Resources:
Savings and Investments:
What funds do you have saved that can be allocated towards your travel?
Do you have investments that provide passive income for your travels?

Travel Rewards and Points:
Do you have credit card points or airline miles that can be used to offset travel costs?
Are you part of any hotel loyalty programs that provide free or discounted stays?

Network of Connections:
Are you a member of a club or group that offers travelers resources, for instance, a yacht club may offer reciprocal membership to other clubs in a network.

Friends and Family:
Do you have friends or family members you plan to visit while on your journey?
Can they provide local knowledge or connections that might enrich your travels?

Skills and Experience:
Work and Volunteering:
Do you have skills or work experience that could be turned into remote work or freelance opportunities?
Are you interested in volunteering as part of your travels, and do you have skills that are in demand?

Travel Experience:
Have you learned any travel "hacks" or developed skills from previous travels that could make your journey smoother or cheaper?

With this inventory at your disposal, you'll have a clearer picture of your resources, and you'll be better equipped to plan your endless travel.

Take Action - Book a Consultation

Now that you've defined your vision and taken inventory of your assets, it's time to consider how our specialized services can help you actualize your endless travel dreams. Here's an outline of the services we offer:

Personalized Coaching

With this service, we provide one-on-one guidance to help you build your dream endless vacation lifestyle. This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach; we cater to your specific needs, which may not be covered in our YouTube channel or blog. We'll help you understand how to optimize your current situation and assets, create a comprehensive plan, and teach you how to effectively implement it.

Timeshare Contract Location Services

For those who wish to use the Last Call Vacations as a key to an Endless Vacation Lifestyle, who don't current have a timeshare contract, we provide a unique service that helps locate the best contracts with the lowest maintenance fees. We guide you through the complex secondary market to ensure you get a cost-effective and suitable timeshare contract. Our knowledge of the timeshare industry can help you avoid potential pitfalls and get the best value for your investment.

Full Concierge Endless Vacation Planning

This is our all-inclusive service, where we take care of all the details of your endless vacation plan. We'll work with your existing assets, assist you in acquiring a timeshare if needed, and meticulously plan your full year of travel. This is a stress-free solution that allows you to sit back and enjoy the journey while we handle the complexities of planning and logistics.

To find out which of these services best suits your needs, we invite you to book a free consultation with us. This initial conversation will give us an opportunity to understand your travel goals, assess your resources, and determine the best way forward for your endless travel dreams. Remember, our mission is to help you achieve a seamless and enjoyable endless vacation, tailored specifically to your unique lifestyle. So send me an email and let's get started on crafting your dream travel life!

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